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Bridport Community Orchard

The Bridport Community Orchard was established in 2008 and is just under one acre of land, located in the heart of the town of Bridport, off South Street and behind St Mary’s Churchyard.

The idea grew out of two community initiatives, one in Bridport, to save a field from development and the other, a year-long project of The Symondsbury Apple Project, which was designed to raise awareness of Dorset’s rich orchard heritage. The new project created an orchard of apple trees, a ‘cordon hedge’ of heritage varieties, a wall of espalier pears and plums and a small plot of mother trees of local provenance to provide grafting wood for the future.

Bridport Community Orchard website

Bridport United Church

Bridport United Church (Methodist and United Reformed) is a local ecumenical partnership (LEP) where Christians of more than one denomination are working together. The LEP came into existence on 10 November 1971 and has its church situated in East Street.

Services are normally held at 10:30 a.m on Sundays with an evening service every other Sunday.

We run a Todlers Club, Tuesday Fellowship meetings, a Ladies Friendship Circle and House Groups. In addition we hold our highly successful and popular annual Christmas Tree Festival in December which raises lots of money for local charities.
Bridport United Church website

Bridport Art Society

Founded in 1956, the Bridport Art Society is a friendly group which welcomes artists of all levels of experience, from beginners to seasoned painters. The Society’s aim is to encourage interest in and practice of the visual arts, especially painting. An extensive programme includes evening demonstrations, day workshops, a major public Annual Exhibition in Bridport Arts Centre, other public exhibitions in Abbotsbury and West Bay and occasional visits to regional and national exhibitions. A wide variety of media and techniques are covered including acrylics, oils, pastels, water colours, collage and mixed media but photography is excluded.
Bridport Art Society website

Wessex Military Band

The band started life as a youth band in 1981 under the inspiration of bandmaster Martin Davison. Initially the band drew its players from schools in and around West Dorset and started out as a brass band, marching band and majorette troop. Initially the band survived on extremely limited funds and rehearsed in the back of the band coach and in old village halls to minimise costs. Over time the band managed to build its reputation and take on more and more engagements. Eventually, the majorette troop was disbanded to concentrate on the musical aspects. The band now performs engagements all over the south of England and has toured parts of Europe.
Wessex Military Band website